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96% of Students Say Our Courses Are Better!

We always ask them “How did your experience compare with other courses you’ve been on?”. Of the students who say they have attended other courses, 96% of them say they that Wiser Words courses are better because they are: “more fun”, “more interesting”, “more exciting”, “more challenging”, “more engaging”, “more interactive”, “totally different”, “more useful”, “more productive”, “more educational”, “better organised”, “more adventurous”, “more original”, “more involvement”, “more brain power needed”, “more effective”, “more professional”, “more intellectually challenging”…

Out of all of the workshops I have ever done in my life, I can honestly say, this was the most enjoyable and insightful. 
Student from Henrietta Barnet School

100% the best course I’ve ever been on. A great experience and I would love to do it again. Every activity was amazing. Outstanding and a great opportunity that I have had.
Student from St John Fisher Community College

The best learning day I’ve been on. It was far more fun and I feel like I got a lot more out of it.
Student from Newbold School

Enjoyable, fascinating, engaging and just a great day.
Student from Sevenoaks School

I wish I could do this every day!! 
Student from Sibford School

This course was the most best course ever.
Student from Preston Manor High School


We are specialists in education. The design of every course has a reason behind it relating to advanced teaching practice.
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Our course

We use a whole mix of techniques to draw out different skills and appeal to all learning styles.
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What makes
us different

Our tasks are 100% original, our leaders are experienced and our approach is dynamic.
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Students learn and focus best when they feel happy, accepted and comfortable. Breaking down social barriers will have a direct impact on their academic success.
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