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Prices and booking

Tailored and Bespoke Courses

When you get in touch, the first thing we’ll do is listen. Once we’ve learned a bit about your students and the kind of thing you’d like them to achieve, we’ll then be in a position to make some recommendations.

If you’ve got a rough idea of something you’d like to organise, but you’re still in the early stages of thinking through how it could all work, it’s always worth a phone call and we can offer some suggestions. On our travels, we’ve seen lots of different ways of doing things and come across many great ideas that are working really well.

It’s not uncommon for teachers who like elements from a few of our courses to ask us to put together a mix for their students. An example might be a course that covers both presentation and critical thinking skills to support preparation for the EPQ. Equally, you may like the theme of a particular course (such as Crime Squad) but ask us to really focus on one very specific objective and explore that in depth.

Booking Process

Once we’ve reached a point where you feel you’re ready to go ahead, we’ll try our best to give you your preferred date and then we’ll send you through a confirmation pack with everything you need to know about things like facilities, briefing the students and logistics.

But don’t worry, our aim is to make it as smooth and stress-free as possible! We bring all the equipment ourselves and after a bit of orientation and a few introductions and formalities at the start, you can pretty much just hand over to us for the day. The main thing we ask from you is to keep the communication channels open as we lead up to the event.


As you may anticipate, our prices vary depending on the type of course and the number of students present. The general rule is that the price per head drops quickly, as the number of students increases steadily. To give you an idea, the average price that schools pay is around £32 per head. It’s more for specialist Masterclasses with fewer students but it’s less for Enrichment Days for whole year groups. The best thing to do of course is to contact us with a rough idea of what you’d like to organise and we’ll give you a quote straight away.

Depending on where you are, there will be a travel fee to add to the cost. We are based in Oxford. If you are a significant distance away from us then it may be necessary to travel to your area the evening before, and this will require an overnight stay somewhere. If you only have a small number of students, you could reduce costs by sharing your Enrichment Day with another local school.

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They say…

“Now I can definitely win arguments against my brother! It has opened my eyes to a whole new world of possible answers.”

Student from St Swithun’s School

“This was brilliant compared to all the other courses I’ve had in my 17 years. Truly inspirational, I have no higher praise.”

Student from Warlingham College

“It made me excited to challenge myself more. Very well managed and structured leading to a brilliant course.”

Student from Farmors School

“I was constantly motivated and recharged with varying discussions and tasks.”

Student from Gordons School

“Enriching, and I’m now more aware of the complexities of questions and the intellectual debate that could follow.”

Student from Eastbourne College

“I found this day exciting, exhilarating and full of new ideas and things for me to enjoy.”

Student from Merchant Taylors’ School

“The puzzles were thrilling to solve but also very clever and challenging.”

Student from Newbold Community School

“We got to do everything ourselves and think for ourselves without being spoonfed.”

Student from Sibford School

“I enjoyed getting up to lead. I really didn’t think I’d be able to do it but I felt really good when I did.”

Student from Pocklington School

“Amazing and a huge learning curve for me and the whole of my year group. It really developed my communicating skills.”

Students from Blackheath High School

“It was just fantastic. I loved it! The best bit was seeing everyone’s amazing designs.”

Student from Oakham School

“100% the best course I’ve ever been on. A great experience and I would love to do it again. Every activity was amazing.”

Student from John Fisher Community College


We are specialists in education. The design of every course has a reason behind it relating to advanced teaching practice.
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What makes
us different

Our tasks are 100% original, our leaders are experienced and our approach is dynamic.
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Students learn and focus best when they feel happy, accepted and comfortable. Breaking down social barriers will have a direct impact on their academic success.
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