If you were a fly on the wall watching a group of friends planning a holiday together, there’s a good chance you’d be able to spot the subtle ‘leader’, even though no one has been given a label. Perhaps it’s because that person is particularly assertive, decisive and energised or perhaps it’s because others in the group naturally lean on them for support and wisdom. In other situations, the role of leader is assigned with specified responsibilities and effectively a job description.  But in the case of the entrepreneur, the initiative, strategy and direction all come from them.

We have courses to address each of these types of leadership. We can work with a group of prefects or mentors who have designated roles within the school, which we would seek to understand in detail before our visit. Or we can run workshops for those who may not have been given an official title but still have the potential to innovate, carve out opportunity, encourage others and make a difference in their school!

Young Apprentice