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If you’re passionate about seeing young people grow in skills, confidence and initiative as much as knowledge, then you’ve come to the right place. If you value intellectual challenge, investigation and creative problem solving as key components to a well-rounded education, we really hope you will read on…

Independent thinking and independent learning are at the heart of everything we do. Our courses give students the opportunity to explore ideas and practise skills within a structured, progressive framework that adheres to rigorous academic standards.

Experience and Expertise
Wiser Words has been established since 2004. In that time we have visited several hundred schools all across the country, independent and state, single-sex and co-ed, rural and inner-city, so we now have a real breadth of experience upon which to draw. We understand what makes teenagers tick, what motivates them, what worries them, what reassures them, what engages them. We know how to find the balance between fun and serious, keeping students intrigued and focused for a whole day.

We listen first
Tell us about your students and what you would like them to achieve and we will tailor everything to meet their needs and interests.  Once we understand your objectives and have all the details regarding things like timings, facilities and numbers, we will put together a programme to fit.

Behind the fun and busy first impression of any day we deliver, is a complex methodology for dynamic teaching practice and a serious agenda to raise academic achievement. That methodology is fuelled by our principles:

Firstly, we believe that learning is optimised by creating a positive, energised, focused environment with lots of interesting things to do. Secondly, we believe that you don’t need to spoonfeed to get fantastic results. We believe in allowing students to work things out for themselves, encouraging them to ask questions, be proactive, explore using their own initiative and take responsibility for leading projects and making decisions themselves. We believe that educating that way nurtures the development of far stronger, independent, charismatic and “educated” individuals.

We know there are so many teachers and parents out there who share our passion for inspiring young people to be intellectually curious, to think for themselves and to express their ideas with confidence and eloquence.

We believe that a well-educated person is someone who…

  • May not know the answer but knows how to find it
  • Is happy to be wrong if they have learned something new
  • Sees themselves as the driver of their educational journey
  • Has many more questions than could ever be answered

100% Original Material
We design all our activities ourselves so your students won’t ever say, “We’ve done that before.” In fact they frequently comment on how it has been a unique, refreshingly different experience.

Each task has been carefully put together by experts who really understand how to motivate students, build confidence and draw out different skills.

When you watch a task, you will see many things happening at the same time:

  • Balanced participation from all students, i.e. the confident, vocal ones can’t take over!
  • Students working together, listening to each other and making joint decisions
  • Every student being stretched – no one ever complains that it’s too easy!
  • Student-friendly goals that naturally motivate students to draw upon the skills they need to reach them

Jam-packed, fast-paced and never ever boring
We are meticulous about planning every minute of the day to ensure that all students are learning all of the time and that their special day is jam-packed with relevant activity. From a prompt kick-start with a bang, to the close of your normal school day, the schedule will be organised, all students will be occupied and no one will be lost or bored.

Intellectually Challenging (in other words, hard)
We pull no punches when it comes to asking students to switch their brains on and take their thinking powers up a gear. Our tasks are unashamedly difficult and our expectations are high. You can’t say any old thing and get away with it! This means that once students have pushed themselves to work through the tough part or revised their point after being challenged, they experience the exhilaration of discovering just what they can do.

We are highly selective when it comes to choosing our Course Leaders. They are all experienced, enthusiastic, interesting people who will naturally be positive role models for your students.

When you watch them in action you will see them:

  • Affirm students wherever possible to help them believe in themselves
  • Ask intriguing questions to extend their thinking
  • Win over the “characters” and catch their attention!
  • Keep the pace moving and maintain focus

Emily Wiser, the Director of Wiser Words, has gained an outstanding reputation for her innovative work helping students to develop their thinking skills.

She stands firm to the principle that they always learn and understand more if they actively engage with material, work things out for themselves, are pushed to make decisions and do all this whilst enjoying themselves. In other words, she doesn’t buy into spoon feeding!

Her courses have been delivered by the Wiser Words team in hundreds of schools across the UK with exciting results and consistently glowing feedback from students. Emily trains her team of facilitators to keep to a particular methodology which encourages students to believe in themselves and to stretch themselves, take responsibility, ask questions and articulate their ideas with precision and objective justification.

Whilst designing new material and training Wiser Words leaders, Emily still delivers many courses herself as her greatest love is being around young people.

“I want to extend my sincere gratitude to Emily for her masterly masterclass. She was utterly inspiring for all our students and especially our girls. They looked upon her as a great role model. I was delighted to read such glowing feedback comments and now have considerable evidence of the value of running such a course in the future.”

Rob Furlong, Head of Sixth Form, Thomas Telford School
“I have found Emily to be thoroughly professional, very enthusiastic and expert in her workshops. She manages to break the ice quickly, find the correct pitch and level and to move on seamlessly to a range of interesting and challenging activities that hold the attention of the pupils for an amazingly long period of time! I have been so impressed with her flexibility and creativity in creating bespoke packages to suit the needs of our pupils, be it for a large group of G&T pupils in Y9 and Y10, or a smaller and highly charged group of Oxbridge candidates. Her feedback on every pupil at the end of the sessions shows that she has rapidly come to understand each pupil and her thoughts and suggestions have helped us in providing a more focused response to individual needs. Her openness, her engaging personality and her sense of fun have endeared her to us, both teachers and pupils alike. We will be using Wiser Words again and I would highly recommend her.”

David Ruskin, Director of Studies, Eastbourne College

They say…

“Now I can definitely win arguments against my brother! It has opened my eyes to a whole new world of possible answers.”

Student from St Swithun’s School

“This was brilliant compared to all the other courses I’ve had in my 17 years. Truly inspirational, I have no higher praise.”

Student from Warlingham College

“It made me excited to challenge myself more. Very well managed and structured leading to a brilliant course.”

Student from Farmors School

“I was constantly motivated and recharged with varying discussions and tasks.”

Student from Gordons School

“Enriching, and I’m now more aware of the complexities of questions and the intellectual debate that could follow.”

Student from Eastbourne College

“I found this day exciting, exhilarating and full of new ideas and things for me to enjoy.”

Student from Merchant Taylors’ School

“The puzzles were thrilling to solve but also very clever and challenging.”

Student from Newbold Community School

“We got to do everything ourselves and think for ourselves without being spoonfed.”

Student from Sibford School

“I enjoyed getting up to lead. I really didn’t think I’d be able to do it but I felt really good when I did.”

Student from Pocklington School

“Amazing and a huge learning curve for me and the whole of my year group. It really developed my communicating skills.”

Students from Blackheath High School

“It was just fantastic. I loved it! The best bit was seeing everyone’s amazing designs.”

Student from Oakham School

“100% the best course I’ve ever been on. A great experience and I would love to do it again. Every activity was amazing.”

Student from John Fisher Community College

Our mission
and values


We wish to motivate young people to gain independence of mind, to think critically and analytically and to take pride in being mentally alert. We hope to inspire a hunger for deeper understanding, an adventurous attitude in the exploration of ideas and an appreciation for the intrinsic value of education.


We aim to encourage young people to gain a strong command of the language they use, to develop confidence in contributing and to take pride in being articulate, precise and expressive.


Students learn and focus best when they feel happy, accepted and comfortable. Breaking down social barriers will have a direct impact on their academic success.
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96% of students who have attended other courses say that our courses are better!
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